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90 → Zelos/Sheena FST

Well, even after all the years, these two are still pretty much my top OTP. I love their dysfunctional relationship - the uneasy friendship they share, the constant spats they have, and the trust they both share in each other even with all the fights. They're complex and crazy, and I still adore them to pieces. And even after all the FSTs I've made for them, I still had tracks sitting around and more to add...

Anyway! This was done for singustosleep's February challenge - with the theme of OTP, and the art prompt of stars. The covers kinda turned out... hipster looking on accident. Clearly, stars just make things look hipster, haha. And the fic I kinda... slacked and pieced together in a fever last minute, so I'm sorry if it's horrible and disjointed.

BUT YES, I hope you enjoy it, and er, massive spoilers for the game within the fic, just so you know. I'll love these guys forever.



I am a dash and you are a dot,
When will you see that I am all that you've got?
I'm a binary code that you cracked long ago,
But to you I'm just a novel that you wish you never wrote
I'm greater than x, and lesser than y
So why is it that I still can't catch your eye?

When they were young and first met, Zelos had found her fascinating. Sheena was exotic and strange - and for a boy that was first discovering the beauties of puberty, her denial of his advances made her all the more desirable. Her fire and her passion could easily take his mind from any other girl he had under his wings. Even the math problems that challenged him didn't hold as much thrill as getting that girl from the hills hot under the collar.

Of course, that didn't seem to translate to Sheena. No matter what flattery he laid on, no matter what trick he used, she would crush every attempt. (Most often with her fists, but he wasn't counting.) And with each denial and with each push, he just found himself growing more and more attached to her.

It wasn't until he found her crying during a storm and finally seeing a little bit behind that mask of anger she wore that he realized just how attached to her he was.

jesca hoop ❛MURDER OF BIRDS❜
And the girl that turned it down then
And a wick of twisted thread
From the loving words you said
And I think I'm a loon as I form grace
For you unleash your mood and I'm no longer safe
I say I hate you when I love you the most

Zelos would've pegged her as "stubborn." Sheena would've pegged him as "annoying."

Perhaps it was because he thought of her as "stubborn," he refused to back down from trying to flirt with her. Since no amount of denial or rejection seemed to work into his thick skull, Sheena very quickly found herself infamous for delivering a roundhouse smack to the Chosen's own cheek. Not even the nobles' shocked faces as she punted him across yet another room could deter her from trying to get him off her back.

If someone had asked for Sheena's opinion of Zelos, it would have been a resounding answer of "she hates him." Their fights were becoming almost commonplace; and once the initial shock of some Mizuhoan fighting the Chosen wore down, nearly everyone accepted it as just a normal part of their relationship. Sheena almost cursed her luck when they were thrown together again - this time for the fate of their world.

But still, she could remember when he had made her heart race, and how she could still feel that dull thud in her chest. She knew that at least part of his attempts at her heart - even if they were false or flashy - had wormed a little under her skin. Or really, maybe it was the times that she saw him be sweet, be honest for once that moved her heart. But, denial was a hard habit to break, and it was much easier to push him away with a shove and a kick than to accept the fact that he'd become something she treasured.

You sprung me, I'm grateful
I love when you tell me not to speak
I owe you, but I know you
You'll have me back but it's gonna take a week
What now kid? Which way love?
Will we ever make up and be friends
Good news is, my shoes is
Lined with all my nickels and my tens
Let's do that, just feed me
I hate when I have to get to sleep
You despise me and I love you
It's not much but it's just enough to keep

It had been months since she had seen him last, but he was - of course - seemingly still the same. His face had broken out into the biggest of grins when she told him of her adventures on the other side of the world - even her eyerolls and sighs at his childish actions didn't stop him from laughing. So, when he announced that he was going to keep watch on her and the others, she'd been torn between kicking him and thanking him. She couldn't trust him, not by a longshot, but it was a lot easier to have him by her side then some papal guard.

But, all of his grins and smiles seemed to pale at the smirk he gave her the night before they left. It made her feel like something was changing, and that grip he'd wormed around her hand made her feel nervous.

"This romp is going to be fun, isn't it, hunny?"

It wasn't until much later, after all the lies and the fights, that she realized that he had been excited - just pure and unadulterated excitement - and also something she later knew as fear. It was with that realization that ghost of his hand on hers made her shudder.

basia bulat ❛SNAKES AND LADDERS❜
You know, all this time I've been playing for your heart
But I never let it on
I'll have to watch you play the part
So we played a game of snakes and ladders
Gambled our mistakes
Didn't know what could come after
Threw away the cards
Who thinks it could matter?
Oh, who believes in fate anyway?

At first, Zelos had mostly thought of Sheena as an entertaining game - a chase that he could keep going, a girl that was a fire he couldn't tame. He'd ignored that thump in the back of his head of something more, and focused on the game they shared.

Instead, he found himself caught up in a game for destiny with her, and it made his head rattle a lot more than he would've liked.

But, this destiny babble seemed to make everyone's heads rattle, including the stubborn spitfire he'd been toying with half his life. And suddenly, their little game came of use - this time to keep her mind off of the pain in the back of her head, and all the worries they both had at the moment. Even if all it did was get her riled up, he could keep her mind off of all those silly things like fate, and let her mind settle a lot better than before. It was the muttered "thank yous" and the blush on her cheeks that made their game worthwhile all over again.

But, it was the realization that he'd played their game a little too close to both of their hearts that made his choices that much harder later on. Even if he found himself laughing later when he realized he'd been the voice of reason all along.

the national ❛CONVERSATION 16❜
I'm a confident liar
Had my head in the oven so you'd know where I'll be
I'll try to be more romantic
I want to believe in everything you believe
I was less than amazing
Do not know what all the troubles are for
Fall asleep in your branches
You're the only thing I ever want anymore

Really, he was a brilliant liar. Zelos had long learned to tilt his lips just the right way to seem just honest enough, and to hitch his voice and his laugh just loud enough that everything seemed like a joke. He could lie his way out of a bad situation - or just a bad party - and he could keep his own motives rather well hid with just a flick of his wrist. In fact, he rather prided himself at the way he could lie his way out of life, and keep everyone else pleasantly in the dark.

But then Lloyd happened.

It took a while, but even Zelos could feel the affects of that optimism the boy seemed to radiate - and how much that seemed to affect everyone else. It didn't take a blind man to see how it affected Sheena in particular. He'd caught her sighing and that faint flush on her cheeks when she thought no one was watching.

Maybe it was the awkward little twist that gave his heart - on top of the blinding hope that Lloyd seemed to shove down everyone's throats - that made him start to wonder where his loyalties should really be.

You talk too much
Maybe that's your way
Of breaking up the silence
That fills you up
But it doesn't sound the same
When no one's really listening

When Corrine had died, the last thing Sheena wanted was Zelos nagging her. Even in her best moods, his insistent nagging and prodding just made her angry. But, of course, he couldn't even stay away when she was at her worst. He whipped right up next to her, a joke on his voice, and a hand wormed around her shoulders.

She was about ready to deck him and be done with it - better to get away fast and deal with him for real later - when she noticed the change in his voice, and the gentle way his arms were on her shoulder. Oh, she still felt the anger flare up in her, and the familiar rumble of laughter in his chest - but for some reason, she felt better. Once the yelling was done and a slap cleverly placed, it was like a little bit of that pain was gone. And that smile - not a smirk, Sheena realized - on his face was evidence he knew it, too.

Suddenly, Sheena noticed him doing it to the others - getting a laugh here, an outburst there - but he was getting them off whatever bad mindset they were in. And secretly, when she caught him alone and with a worried look on his face, she wished she could do that for him, too.

florence + the machine ❛HARDEST OF HEARTS❜
There is love in your body but you can't get it out
It gets stuck in your head, won't come out of your mouth
Sticks to your tongue and it shows on your face
That the sweetest of words have the bitterest taste
Darling heart, I loved you from the start
But you'll never know what a fool I've been
Darling heart, I loved you from the start
But that's no excuse for the state I'm in

Zelos had never thought they would get this far. Really, honestly, never in a million years did he even think they had this much of a chance. But they did, and their ragtag little group was literately defying the heavens. And with that, he found himself stuck in a very precarious little situation. With Mithos tugging on one ear, and Lloyd blaring his optimistic soul on the other, Zelos suddenly found his initial bet seeming a little fishy.

Maybe it was just the constant snowfall of Flanoir getting to him, or just the antsy feeling of a battle on the horizon, but Zelos found himself without sleep - and without peace of mind. He'd almost found himself at Lloyd's door, half thinking that hearing that kid's annoying babble one more time would put at least something at ease. But, he'd been beat to it - by Colette, that little scamp - and so had Sheena.

After a few awkward moments of catching each other both trying to reach the same person, they wandered out into the snow themselves - quietly watching the other couple along the way, talking and laughing despite the cold. Zelos tried to quell the unease he always felt, and Sheena was trying to quell that small heartbreak Zelos knew she was having.

He later convinced himself - and Sheena - that he was was just trying to warm them up in the cold when he slipped his hand around hers. Really, he was trying to ground himself, and Sheena was the one constant he had in this mess at the moment. And - to her credit - Sheena didn't push him away. Maybe she was too heartbroken to push him away, or maybe she was looking for that grounding, too. But they stood there for a long while, hand in hand, staring up at the snow.

Zelos later regretted not stealing a kiss from her at that moment - especially after Sheena flushed red and asked him why he hadn't tried anything funny yet. He had a feeling that things might've gone a little smoother for them later if he had.

interpol ❛PDA❜
Yours is the only version of my desertion that I could ever subscribe to
That is all that I can do
You are a past dinner, the last winner I'm raping all around me
Until the last drop is behind you
You're so cute when you're frustrated, dear
You're so cute when you're sedated, dear
I missed you

When he had betrayed them, Sheena had felt something in her snap. She was angry and hurt, but something else was broken too - maybe it was her trust in him, that fragile thing they'd been building over the years, or maybe it was just her nerve. But whatever it was, once it snapped, it didn't come back.

For a sick moment, Sheena had almost thought he was going to linger behind. Something in his eyes - something she should've recognized, something she'd been seeing in his smirk and his walk all along - told her he was ready to do something extremely stupid. She readied herself, trying to quell that still broken part while her body tried to ready for battle - Zelos was strong, if they had to fight, it wouldn't end well for any of them - but at the last moment, he surprised her. He smiled and winked, turning on his heel and leaving - and for some reason, that break seemed a little less sore.

While the others discussed what the next course of action would be, and what to do with the sudden traitor in their ranks, Sheena looked ahead at the warp gate. Suddenly, all those little warning bells he'd been giving her came into focus - all those little hints he'd been dropping, and all those times they'd ignored him. She felt her heart clench - he could've done something much worse, and that was what worried her.

It wasn't until he saved her from that pit soon afterward - and she landed a few good punches once they had gotten out - that she felt that break start to heal.

jimmy eat world ❛DIZZY❜
If the choice was ours alone,
Then why'd we both choose letting go?
Does it end like this?
Time never had a chance to heal your heart
Just a number always counting down to a new start
If you always knew the truth, then the world will spin around you
Are you dizzy yet?

To say Zelos was surprised they welcomed him back at all was an understatement. Even if he had really chosen to be on their side after all, he had still cut it extremely close - and that performance of his had certainly burned most of those bridges of trust they placed on him.

But, there he was, back with the "merry band," and with a whole knew set of worries ahead of him. He was almost thankful the others left him alone, all of them still a little too sore to trust him again yet. He hadn't picked the side that was almost for sure to win, and now he didn't quite know what to do with himself. Not to mention all those things he'd done for half his life to reach this point suddenly being worthless - well, suffice to say, he wasn't quite sure what do to at all.

When Sheena finally approached him - she was still angry and looked at him with new eyes - Zelos almost had half the mind to tell her to leave him alone. Instead, he found himself at a loss for words.

"I still trust you, you stupid idiot," was all she had to say to get him flabbergasted - even Lloyd pipping up that he did too wasn't enough to get him shocked out of it. Suddenly, putting that old smile on his face felt a little easier, and even the smack she gave him for the joke he cracked was worth it.

Later, when they were alone, she let him hold her hand again. And, for some reason, he really didn't feel like letting go.

I know that I have taken things
I've taken things I had for granted
I know this one thing's for sure
I won't let you ever walk out my door
Let's break the walls down
And find how to live
'Cause you and I have
So much to give

The fight they were in the middle of felt like the end of the world. Well, really, it almost was - they were fighting for the chance to save that fragile world they'd just slammed back together, and time was ticking.

Sheena could feel the nerves all over her body and down her spine - every moment felt like an eternity, and it took almost all of her courage to just keep her mind on the fight they had in front of them. She could hear the clang of Lloyd's swords behind her, and the thunder of magic all around her.

When Sheena finally spared a glance around her, she spotted Zelos - and suddenly, she felt a lot less nervous. He was just as nervous and scared as she was, but she'd never seen him fight like this before. It was like for the first time in his life, he had something worth fighting for. He cared - he honestly was fighting - and it showed. It was then she realized just how much all of them had changed - how much Lloyd had changed every one of them, and how much they had all changed themselves - and suddenly all those nerves and fears felt like steel.

As she dodged another blow, and then started to call upon a spirit, she caught Zelos giving her a grin and a wink. She smiled back, letting the power flow through her as they fought for their futures.

How much pain has cracked your soul?
How much love would make you whole?
You're my guiding lightning strike
I can't find the words to say, they're overdue
I'd travel half the world to say "I belong to you"
And she attacks me like a Leo
When my heart is split like Rio
And I assure you my debts are real
I can't find the words to say when I'm confused
I travel half the world to say "You are my muse"

Once Mithos was defeated, and the new Tree had taken root, Zelos suddenly realized all the ridiculous things they had been doing. If anyone had told him before all this that he'd be here, with this group of broken fools, he'd have laughed in their faces.

But a lot had changed - and not just the one world they suddenly had under their feet. All of them had changed, and it was going to be very strange for all of them for a while, Zelos imagined. They had one mess of a world in front of them, and Zelos knew that they were going to have to be in charge of most of the clean up.

Zelos hadn't even noticed that he'd been standing next to Sheena, both of them staring upwards at the strange new Tree above them, until she started to speak. "...I don't even know what I'm going to do."

He spared a glance over - there was that nervous look on her face again, but it was almost unfamiliar, just as the ground under their feet was - and gave her the best smile he could manage. "I know! Isn't it wonderful?"

Sheena paused for a second, obviously confused, before bursting out into laughter. Soon enough, he was laughing too - both of them ignoring the curious stares from the rest of the group. It was strange - all of them were suddenly brand new and weird, and Zelos couldn't help but laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. They'd literately just made a new world, and all he could do was laugh at how funny it'd all become. All that pain, all that nonsense they'd been carrying around all their lives was suddenly almost meaningless, and they had a whole new set of worries.

But for the moment, that smile that was lighting up Sheena's face was quite enough for him. They could deal with all that sorting things out later.

Once the others were on the other side of the tree - and even though she gave one hell of a punch for it - he snuck that kiss he should've taken in Flanoir. The blush on her cheeks and the sputtering she did around him for the next week was enough to get that grin back on his face, even with all the chaos of a new world around them.

Tags: fandom: tales of symphonia, fst, subject: zelos/sheena

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    This is a completely egotistical mix for myself for 2011, mostly since this was one hell of a year for me. There were far too many changes to count…

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